Can you help Wokingham Borough Council improve their SEND Local Offer Website?

Wokingham Borough Council are carrying out a project to improve the content and organisation of their SEND Local Offer.

They have two areas they would like your help with, both of these can be accessed online at anytime :
  1. Scenario Testing - to test the current SEND Local Offer website content
  2. Card Sort - to help structure the new SEND Local Offer website content
Scenario Testing: Scenario testing should take 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
  • The link below will give you access to the test.
  • You will be asked to share your camera and microphone.
  • You will be taken through details of each scenario to complete, with your journey and experience recorded by the platform.
  • Please feel free to talk through your thoughts on each task and highlight any issues you may encounter.
  • You may find that some of the scenarios are not relevant to your personal situation, however please do try to complete them, as it is particularly useful to see the experience of someone finding the information for the first time.
There are more detailed instructions with the screens you will see in the scenario testing, what to do if you get stuck and how to mark the task as complete here: Scenario Testing & Card Sort with screenshotsCard Sort: Card Sort should take about 30 minutes, however there is no restriction on how long you take.
  • The link below will take you to a set of cards, representing the most used and searched for content within the Wokingham SEND Local Offer content.
  • We would like you to move the cards into logical groups.
  • You can then give each group a name.
  • If there are cards that you don’t know how to group, please add a ‘Don’t know’ group.
If you have any problems or questions please email the Local Offer Coordonator Thank you for making time to support the improvement of the Wokingham SEND Local Offer website content.