SEND Services in the Borough

We have been made aware that some families are being told by their schools that SEND Services in the Borough are going to be cut. We spoke to the SEND Team before half term and have spoken to Helen Watson (WBC Director of Children's Services) yesterday about the issue and they have been assured us that this is not the case. We have asked WBC for a response that can be sent to families. What we do know is:

  • For Children with an EHCP - the EHCP is a legal document and there is a statutory obligation for the schools/LA to provide the provision set out in that document.
  • For those on SEN support - Schools have a SEN budget to deliver what is known as "Ordinarily Available". This is the provision that ALL schools should provide to ALL children if they require it. Wokingham's Ordinarily Available document is here: WBC Ordinarily Available
If anyone is having issues with their child's school not providing what is detailed in their child's EHCP or in the Ordinarily Available document, please let the SEND Team know via email: you need any help or support with SEN Support or EHCP's, SENDIASS can offer advice and support with this. Information about what they do, and their contact details are here: Wokingham SENDIASS or email: also host a number of SENDIASS training courses around the EHCP Process, Annual Reviews and Preparing for Adulthood. The details of all of these are on our events link.

If you would prefer to raise any issues anonymously you can email us at