Thank you to everyone who responded to our surveys over the summer and all service users who take time to respond to our user satisfaction surveys. The information has been helpful in planning how to continue to develop our service.

We have analysed the results of each of the surveys and these are the main findings:

· The majority of our service users are very happy with the service provided.

· Impartiality: 87% of service users believe we are impartial but this figure was lower for the other surveys (64% of professionals and 47% of parents).

· Some parents still don't know about our service.

· Many people are unaware of the service we provide to young people.

What we will do:

We aim to improve perception of impartiality by being very clear with our information, about what we recommend and why, based on law and guidance. We will also ensure parents are very clear about the level of support we can provide, and have produced new guidance on this in our leaflet What you can expect from our service

We plan to increase our publicity of the service to ensure more parents know what we do.

We will continue to advertise our services to young people, via schools, professionals, parents and the young people themselves. You can find more analysis of these surveys in our annual report on our website www.